About VASA


“A Wish to Revive Exquisitely 

Impressive Jewellery Crafts to You”

We believe that jewellery is a part of human life since ancient times. For thousands of years, jewellery has been viewed as personal ornamentation that represented the power of life, wealth, self-expression, beliefs, ideas, values, and even feelings. Throughout the centuries, humans have been creating and crafting plenty of charming jewellery to adorn themselves. Therefore, this is why we have a lot of inherited jewellery crafts these days. Along with the fascinating story of jewellery related to human civilisations, it inspired ‘VASA Jewellery’ to revive exquisitely impressive jewellery crafts. 

A Desire to Revive ‘Vintage Jewellery’

We have derived great inspiration from vintage design which refers to the style gaining the greater influences from the object that holds the important and recognisable value of historical eras. In our eyes, the valuable point of ‘Vintage’ is to retain the real charm and value of things throughout time. No matter how much time has passed by, the aesthetic value of the piece will remain, while it relives cherished memories to people over a period of time.


‘The uniquely inherited arts which make you deeply yearn for the old days’ 


‘VASA’, in terms of the meaning in Thai, signifies ‘Power’ and ‘Strength’. With its positive meaning, we named our jewellery brand ‘VASA JEWELLERY’ as it could represent the unique identity and optimistic vision of the brand. We believe that everyone deserves to feel confident and powerful in life, while our jewellery enhances the inner strength and real beauty of a person. 


Crafted with Love, Crafted by Hand

VASA JEWELLERY is enormously proud that we can deliver the dearest handcrafted jewellery to you. Every single piece of our jewellery is made with strong affection and enthusiasm. Since the first process, it started with great inspiration. All concepts are developed from precious memories, inspirational stories, and the beauty of nature. 

‘Reviving the most valuable and dearest jewellery crafts from the past’

Through the making process, every piece is full of love and special care. We specially select the precious materials and valuable gemstones to create the piece with the great intention to retain the real value of the piece through traditional craftsmanship. We focus on every detail to ensure that we give the best piece for you.