The Symbolic Bee

When the ‘Bee’ Inspires us

With the distinctive and interesting characteristics of the bee besides its dominant role in numerous tales throughout ancient times, we decided to create fine jewellery based on the concept of ‘Symbolic Bee’ for our brand.

With our strong desire, we aim to design jewellery that could express the real exquisite beauty of the ‘Bee’ by illustrating the ideal combination of strength and charm.

Each piece could show its extraordinary and marvellous design of vintage style with the pleasing gemstones which help enhance the great and positive value of the piece itself. Moreover, the intricate craftsmanship of every single piece could reveal meticulous details and essential elements of jewellery.

Our concept of ‘Symbolic Bee’ contains 6 collections which are ‘Flight of the bubble bee’, ‘Dazzling torso’, ‘Queen bee’, ‘Wish You Luck’ , ‘XIN’ and ‘Tiny sweet bee’.

Flight of The Bubble Bee

Dazzling Torso

Queen Bee

Wish You Luck


Tiny Sweet Bee