About Designer


The Founder and Designer of VASA Jewellery

‘Starts with ‘Passion for Vintage Crafts’

I have to say that my journey to becoming a jewellery designer starts with ‘LOVE and PASSION’. It has started more than 30 years ago. Back then, since I was a kid, I enjoyed visiting my uncle’s vintage furniture shop. Indeed, this place was full of my childhood memories. 


Every time I visited the shop, I could feel the homely and warming atmosphere. I loved to look around the shop and admire a large range of objects which were vintage crafts, antique paintings, beautiful sculptures, decorative arts, retro furniture, and even classic music instruments. The vibrant colours and traditional patterns of the objects in the shop had sparked off joy and happiness for me.

‘When I Become a Jewellery Designer’

My passion for vintage crafts
has motivated me to become a
‘Jewellery Designer’.

With my strong belief, jewellery is an adornment that could relive precious memories to the wearers. Therefore, I started to pursue my dream by designing jewellery in vintage style as I wish that the pieces could convey the classic impression of the arts and highlight the natural beauty of the wearers.

‘When Love and Passion Make a Dream Come True’


As a jewellery designer who is absolutely passionate about vintage crafts, I could say that  I design every single piece of jewellery as a labour of love. With my sincere desire, I wish to share my design with everyone who adores vintage crafts. Hence, this is the reason for founding ‘VASA JEWELLERY’, as a wish to give the dearest and special pieces of vintage handcrafted jewellery to the wearers. 


My passion has inspired me to be the jewellery designer and founder of VASA Jewellery. Today, my dream has come true like the classic and memorable quote ‘A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes’. 


‘I believe that there is nothing beyond 

what we dream.’