If insects are an important part of the ecosystem of our world, forests are definitely an important part of the natural world.

When we mention the insects, the wonderful creatures who make the world more pleasant to live in, we might also think about a large area of land covered with thousands of various types of trees, plants, and plenty of beautiful wildflowers because those areas are the insects’ home.

Since insects and forests rely on each other. It reminds us to develop and design jewellery crafts in an insect form made of eco-friendly material which is ‘Wood’.

The Value of our Collection

Our jewellery crafts are made of natural wood. We select pieces of wood such as trees, branches, stumps, roots that are left in the forest and some left-over pieces that cannot be used in the furniture factories by selecting each piece with mind before it is going to be cut into useless chips and permanently disappeared.

May it be a worthless piece of wood in others eyes that many people decide not to keep; however, we do appreciate every piece of them because we respect everything that nature gives to us. Thus, we intend to choose these pieces to develop the craft products.

Inspiration and Exploration of Special Materials

Fortunately for XIN, while exploring and selecting the wood materials, we found the pieces of auspicious wood left among them. Therefore, we particularly aim to select auspicious wood as we believe that it carries positive and valuable meanings that connect to the power of good faith.

With a strong belief, our jewellery crafts made of auspicious wood could bring great force and help enhance self-esteem and confidence to the wearer.

Apart from deriving inspiration from this especially meaningful material, we believe that crafts made in the form of insects also carry a positive power to the wearers because insects are the symbol of good fortune and success.

We ensure that the tiny torso of the insect and its beautiful wings could get along with the beautiful piece of auspicious wood.

‘Gifts from Nature are the Best Precious Gifts you Ever Receive’